Amusement Roller Coasters for South Africa Park

Here at Beston Amusement, we provide and manufacturer amusement park rides such as the fantastic, classic, thrilling and all above joyous roller coaster for South Africa parks. After all, who doesn’t love a good roller coaster ride?! You strap yourself in and hold on tight. Your heart starts beating a million miles a minute inside of a sleek and colourful roller coaster car. The screeching and chugging of this mechanical ride fill your ears as it starts its an adventurous trek up a metal mountain of glistening steel rails.

Large roller coaster rides

Finally, it reaches the summit. You take in a sharp breath and glace at the gorgeous view of the amusement park around you on top of the silver hill. There’s a brief pause and you intake a sharp gasp. Then, suddenly, the rush begins. The cool wind whips across your smiling face as the mighty machine hurdles down its magical track. You sway from left to right as the roller coaster slides around twists and corners. You scream, full of joy and wonder, as you are pressed against your seat. The force of gravity has nothing on you as you are weightless on the loops of this fantastic journey. Finally, yet all too soon, you come to a stop. Your hair is a mess, your stomach is turning, your mind is spinning and your throat is burning. Yet, you’ve never been happier in your entire life.

This is our goal here at Beston Amusement. We strive to give a life-changing experience to kids and kids at hearts no matter what their age is. We believe that everyone deserves to feel the thrill of a roller coaster first hand. A roller coaster ride for sale for South Africa is meant to be a life milestone that brings back memories of joy, fun, and excitement every time you look back to a sense of nostalgia later on in life. Of course, it must be remembered that you are never too old to enjoy the adventure of a roller coaster.

So whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-time flyer, we have the right roller coaster for you. In addition, we also have roller coasters available for the bravest daredevils as well as for the bashful loungers. Do you have the need for speed? Well, then why not try our Model: BNRC-4B which zooms at a quick 75 km per hour speed. Or, are you more into the thrill of a heart beating loop? If this is the case, then try our Model: BNRC-6A which features a hair raising total of 5 gut turning loops during the rides duration time. On the other hand, we know that some riders out there are looking for the classic steep descent. Therefore, if you’re striving to reach the summit then you can strap into our Model: BNRC-SPC which has a sky-high height of 33 meters!

Here at Beston Amusement, we believe in the joy of a roller coaster, yes, but also in quality. We want our riders to have the best experience as possible and this wish is only achievable through our dedication and our high standards. We put in the effort needed to create long-lasting and happy memories so you don’t have to. We believe in expert craftsmanship which goes into every single roller coaster that we produce. That’s why we only use the best and highest quality materials that we can find for our rides.

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Also, at Beston Amusement, we only hire the most skillful and devoted workers to ensure that our rides are the best ones on the market. In addition, we rigorously enforce and closely follow the up to date rules and regulations concerning the well-being and safety precautions around all amusement park rides. In this fashion, there’s no need to worry when you choose to ride a Beston Amusement park roller coaster as you can be certain that every safety precaution has been taken. So sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Us here at Beston Amusement are dedicated to bringing happiness to everyone. So, are you interested in creating your own amusement park? Or, do you already have an amusement park in existence that needs a new addition? No matter what the case is, we at Beston amusement cater to all clients. Our roller coasters can be shipped worldwide with satisfaction guaranteed. Our large assortment of roller coasters will fit all needs and desires to amusement park owners and carnival goers alike. Order yours now, or learn where you can ride a Beston Amusement original rollercoaster at